Very tired. Very stressed up. Very annoyed.

Because of the dumb entrance exam, I slept for only 5 hours yesterday. Nope, not studying. Didn’t really study much in protest of the exam. I just couldn’t sleep. My pre-exam symptom. Then when I’d finally fallen asleep, I dreamed of a pontianak hiding in the locker. Stupid dream. Scared the wits outta me.

The entrance exam was okay I guess. It went much better than I thought. There were 4 papers; Physics, Biology, Math and Chem. 60 questions per paper to be answered in an hour. Bullseye. Eheh.

We’ve interview tomorrow morning. Been looking up on info and stuff but heck, I still couldn’t find who’s our Health Minister. Who ah? Call me outdated but I seriously have no idea. I just know that Chua Soi Lek was fired/resigned due to his scandalous video and that’s so last year.


Some people just annoyed the hell outta me.

My blog = I’ll write what I want.
My blog = You don’t like it, fuck off.

Even if it’s boring or stupid or immature or whatever, it’s none of your fucking business. I decide that, get it?
I seriously think this kind of people ought to be shipped to America and be slaves. Only that, that’s in the old days right?

Seriously. Go to Bermuda Triangle, get screwed and don’t come back. Or buy a mansion in Malibu, live happily ever after and get outta of my life. Either way, it’s fine with me.

It’s almost midnight and I haven’t taken my shower.

I’ll get pneumonia one day, cheers.