Lies grow. Learn.

S: I’ll tell her my dad called, and there’s a family emergency. No, no. There’s just an emergency. Vi, type that.

Vi: I’ll type, there’s some kind of emergency ok?

S: No, no. That sounds too fishy. Just type there’s an emergency. Maybe I should just tell them my grandma was admitted into the hospital.

N: What?? You can’t say that! You don’t have grandparents anymore is it?

S: No. Both of my grandmas passed away already. But telling that would be a lie. I don’t want to lie…Nisa. Help me find an excuse.

N: What if you said, your dad called, your grandma passed away?

S: But-

N: You wouldn’t be lying. It’s just a statement. 2 different statements
that have nothing to do with each other in one message.

S: Haha! Brilliant! Vi, type “My dad just called. My grandma passed away.” You’re good!

N: I’m a liar. Of course I’m good.

N: You know, everyone in class will be offering their condolences to you on Monday.

S: Yeahh. Wait, one message received from M- F just told me about your grandma…I’m sorry.

N: OMG. We need to explain to her. Tell her that you said your grandma
passed away. Not that she JUST passed away.


A liar manipulates facts and use them to his or her own advantage. Twisting words to evade lying but not wholly telling the truth. It’s somewhere in between.

I’m a liar =) and I’m sure everyone around me is as well. I lie to get out of sticky situations and I lie to protect myself. I can lie to basically anyone but the things I lied about, I take extra care. There’s a thin line between the truth and lies and everytime I crossed that line, I make sure I’m prepared for the consequences.

There are only two person that I could never bring myself to lie to. That two person are my parents. I’m not exactly an obedient daughter. I would answer back if I was scolded and I could utter the most hurtful words. But I couldn’t lie. And I won’t ever do so.

Whatever I did, even if I knew it would cause my parents to be mad, I’d tell them. I remember being asked, “If you knew your parents would be angry, why did you tell them? I wouldn’t.” . My parents don’t ask, but even so, I feel that I should tell. Especially if I’ve done something I shouldn’t.

Because guilt, like lies, grow. And it’s not something I could stand. I don’t want my parents to ever doubt me. My judgements, or myself. Better kena marah than feeling guilty rite? I consider myself as being outspoken and straight forward =P and I called my relationship with my parents as an “open and honest” one. Nicer words compared to rebellious and rude.

Untuk menyenangkan hidup?

Lie only when you should.

What? You didn’t expect me to say, “Don’t ever lie,” rite? That’s bollocks.

So yeah, lie when you should but tell the truth when the time comes =)