Seena asked all of us a string of questions the other day. I was intrigued so here goes:

Let’s say you found out your husband-to-be is not a virgin, what would you do?
Um…erm…umm..wait a minute. I have to think.

The first thing I thought was, “How do I evade this question? There must be a loophole somewhere.” But then, it was just a question. Asked outta boredom and curiousity. All I had to do was answer.

I know I would think, if I loved that man enough, I wouldn’t care. It’s a thing of the past and everyone deserves a second chance. He deserves to make amend for his mistake. Of course we’d have rows and stuff but everything’d be okay.
But I know what I would do is, I wouldn’t accept him. The fact that he did it say something about himself. I’m not good at giving second chances.

But what if your wedding’s all planned? You’ve printed the cards and everything.
I wouldn’t care. I would cancel the invitations. What’s a bunch of fancy words written on fancy papers to my life and a man I don’t trust? And people can talk. I don’t give a **censored**.

What would you say to your parents then?
I would tell them that I’m feeling unsure. That I’m just experiencing a nervous breakdown and I need the time to think. After some time, I’d tell them I’m calling the wedding off.

So..what would you girls answer?