My parents were here for the weekend, yay!

Coolness. I haven’t seen them for ages. Well, not since 2 weeks ago. Haha. 2 weeks is long.
I feel a pang of sadness now I guess. When the weekend ended, everyone parted. Yazid took the bus back to Kuantan to study more about teeth, Zahir and me took the KTM back to MSU and my parents took the cab to KLIA, back to Miri. Why can’t all of us catch the flight to Miri?

Heh, no point in complaining I guess.

I asked my dad a question last night, as I was packing my stuff. I asked him- if he was content with his life, how could such thing be? He came from a not-poor-but-not-rich-either family, and I was sure, as a kid, there were things that he had wanted so badly but couldn’t get. Then he studied hard, worked hard, got his paycheck every month………but then he spend most of it on his family. On us. On me. is that?

I was expecting something like, “If you loved your family bla bla bla sacrifice for them bla bla bla,” crap but then he looked thoughtful and said, “Yeah, I’m wondering about that as well,” Whoa, talk about harsh! Where did all the stuff about family love go?


I’m missing my parents already, so I better stop. Weekend’s over, now it’s back to Genetics (gah). I’ve a lot to catch up but I’ll start tomorrow. I’ve to do my laundry and my brother’s – I swear to God, this is the last time I’m doing this for him. Ok la, it’s not like I’m washing them by hands but still. Next time he’s washing his own clothes!