As expected, classes only start next week. Which will be on Monday. Which is 3 days away. Which means I’ve nothing to do for the next 72 hours. And now I’m bored.
Entrance exam will be on the 19th of July and I’ve forms to fill and documents to prepare and I haven’t started on them yet. I’m not that bored.
My GPA has taken quite a dip this semester. A- for both Anatomy and Math 2. And a B for Ko-Ku 1 as expected. I’d be humiliated if I’d gotten an A. Humiliated and pleased. Gaga. Who cares. At least now I’ve only another short semester to go. 2 subjects; Basic Genetics and Ko-Ku 2. Stupid kan Ko-ku 2? I’ve 10 hours of BG per week. Yes, it’s everyday. Then our lecturer told us they’d came out with a new format. Instead of the usual Test 1 and 2 during short sem, we’ve mid-sem exam and what has come out for mid-sem exam will also come out during final. We’ve to revise 9 whole chapters for final. Yes! And if you think I’m rejoicing that there’s only one test before final, you’re wrong! Test 1 and 2 are usually done informally, in the class. Without us having to wear the proper attire and taking the exam slip. It also means we could glance left and right…..not copying eh. Glancing left and right.
AND, mentor-mentee has been changed to Saturday. Saturday! Who would bother going to campus on a SATURDAY morning for nothingness? Of course, I stay in the campus but still! I skipped that thing even when it was on a weekday, why would I attend it during the weekend?
Why does this have to happen during my last sem?? Why couldn’t it wait until next sem when I’ve finished?? WHY?

Because this uni is stupid, that’s why. And I thought I could relax this semester. I was also rooting there were days when I wouldn’t have any classes. Pfft.

Ok. I’m done complaining. Now I wanna post some pics taken 2 days ago during Seha’s visit to Miri. So I dragged Ctah along coz I didn’t know Miri that well myself, how could I be the tour guide? I’d end up bringing my friend to shopping malls only. Then we found out Asylla was free, so we dragged her as well. And I must must must met her coz she’s leaving for Russia on the 28th and I may not see her for a long time.

At the airport. The one in blue is Seha.

Marina Bay. A place I didn’t know existed until 2 days ago!

Asylla. Haven’t seen her for ages!

The key and the lock. A perfect match.

You see, that’s Ctah Sandwich.

Now I’m dreadfully hungry.