……and I eat like a pregnant woman.

So there should be no question as to WHY I’m fat right?

Hmm…I wonder why girls always say they’re fat.

Oh, wait.

I probably know why. Because I constantly do that as well. But here, now, at this moment, that isn’t the case.

The girls’ cliche phrase “I’m fat” is because I really am! Rina said so and that’s ONLY BY LOOKING AT A PICTURE OF ME!


I’ve thought of working out but no no no, too sweaty and energy consuming (I’m a lazy pig. Ha ha ha)

I’ve thought of cutting back on eating but no no no, I love eating way too much, especially home-made food.

So…no exercising, no dieting. Seems like there’s only ONE thing left to do………..

No, not liposuction you doofus~ it’s too expensive anyways and I’m a poor student =(

I’m left wondering as to WHY IT’S SO HARD TO MAINTAIN MY WEIGHT nowadays. It’s ever since I entered uni. Damn hard la.

Is it because of the inconsistent time of meals? Lunch could be at 2 pm,dinner at 10.

Is it the food itself? I’m guessing oil is like so cheap there in West M’sia their food are dripping of it. One meal’s can fill a quarter of my gayung. Tsk tsk.

Is it the depression of being away from home? And as always, the more depressed I am, the more I tend to stuff my face.

Why oh why?

Why was it wayyyyy easier to stay thin back in high school?? Not that I was ever that thin, mind you *sighs*


You know what, once upon a time, I might cared. I might had nothing better to do than worrying over the number on the scale. One comment of me being fat was enough to set me off on my diet —>> stupid stupid

Now if anyone commented on my weight, I’d buy a double cheeseburger on the spot and gobbled it up in 2 minutes.

Or rather, I’d say, “Fuck off will ya?”

Wouldn’t that feel good?

I’ll just eat whatever I want and moan about how big I’m getting
Seems like the perfect thing for me =)))) *big smile*

But don’t ever comment about my weight because that’s so tactless and it might breaks my lil’-coke-polluted heart. At least, not to my face =D