I owe Ctah a big plump balloonish SORRY.

She misscalled my handphone 5 times, send 2 messages and called my house’s phone twice.
And I didn’t even budge =( I’m sorry.

Oh, and I owe you KokoCrunch too.

It’s always the opposite when I’m at home: I’m sensitive to other noises but my hp when I’m asleep. But when I’m there, it’s vice versa. If my housemates wanted to wake me up, they’d call me rather than bang on the door (eventhough my bed’s exactly next to it), because trust me, I wouldn’t move even a hair.

So that’s what happened yesterday. Ctah called me around 1 pm and I was still asleep. As a matter of fact, I woke up at 5 pm because I couldn’t stand my sister’s attempts to measure my nose.

I was asleep and Hani was holding a ruler against my nose.

I’m not a witch so I don’t have long nose okay? It’s just the same as everyone else’s.

Before you guys go: SHE WOKE UP AT 5 PM??, lemme explain.

I slept around 11 am so logically, I should wake up around 5 right? And even then I only got 6 hours of sleep.

So I don’t think Pakul’s “sik manis anak dara bangun aher eh,” theory is accepted. I fully oppose against it. Anyone’s with me?

I jaga the house when everyone’s asleep ok? Me and my brother. It’s like a duet-guarding-the-house thing.

There’s only one reason la: I love late at nights and early mornings, I hate the afternoons.
I like it when it’s totally quiet and nobody’s around. I like the chill and the smell of morning. I like the feeling of being alone, that the time and moment belong to me and no one else.

I’m maximizing my hols.

P.S: I know it’s a tad late but I’d just gotten to watch P.S: I Love You and this
is what I have to say- it’s as boring as the book that I’d to keep forwarding
it and honestly, I couldn’t see why people are crazy over those (movie and book).
Boring la wey.

P.P.S: IMS (International Medical School) entrance’s exam is on the 21st of
June. Only 3 days after registering, giving me no chance whatsoever
to enjoy/mourn over my results. And oh, MY BOOKS ARE IN SHAH ALAM
I hate next semester already.