2 days ago, I decided to attend my neighbour’s wedding. Shocking, I know. Of course, I’d my reasons:

1. Everyone else was busy going to weddings that I thought I should give it a shot; named Ctah and Fara.

2. I had nothing better to do than sleep anyway, and sleeping was boring.

3. Since I’d missed the akad nikah the previous day, I’d decided to attend the majlis persandingan. Just in case they’ll refuse to attend my funeral in the future: No way! That girl didn’t even bother to attend our daughter’s wedding! =( Not my fault. Nobody bothered to wake me up!

4. Oh, fine. I wanted to go to Mall since I had to get a new mouse ASAP and other stuff. Wouldn’t be cool if I wandered around the shops while the wedding’s going on at the other side of the building right? What might they say? And yes, I do mind what they say because I’ll have to deal with them for a couple more years unlike those I don’t know or dislike.

So yeah, a sleepless me decided to attend a wedding. I seemed to forget what were involved in a wedding. You sit, you eat, you go back; that’s it right?

Nisa’s rule 1#
Walk in the middle of the hallway so you wouldn’t have
to shake hand or salam with those lining up to greet the guests.
Nisa’s rule 2#
Avoid eye contact at all cost so there wouldn’t be any question asked.
I arrived and I sat. Listened to music that didn’t only suck but so damn loud that I had to maximized my mp3’s volume which still wasn’t enough to shut that horrible music out! Sakit my telinga. Tuned to 30 Seconds To Mars, RJA, Panic! At The Disco etc which soothed my ears, thankfully.

Proper politeness

our-hps-are-suddenly-so-interesting boredom

And I sat. And sat. And sat. And at 11.20 am (we arrived there at 10.14 am! That’s an hour of waiting and monstrous music!) the bride and groom arrived and took their seats on the bridal dais. And then I wondered what’s gonna happen.

Turned out there were speeches:

“Since when do they have speeches at weddings?”

And there were videos:

“Since when do they show videos at weddings?”

And then my sister asked me:

“When was the last time you attended one (wedding)?”

Shoot. Good question. When I thought about it, it was about 3 years ago when my cousin got married. And that was a must-attend event or my mum would kill me. You know, where the whole family had to wear baju kurung and baju melayu in the theme colour. And where you were ordered to do this and that. Wah, so annoying. The thing is, I hate weddings, or any family events actually. I wouldn’t attend any unless I have to. I only go to tahlil (the anniversary of the dead person) and funerals (when people die) to show my respects. Not bad right?

In the middle of those, I realised:

The wedding’s a free promotion of Hujan! The local band from Miri, not Rain- the Korean singer. Sorry to disappoint you guys. Btw, I just realised he’s the guy in Speed Racer. No wonder he looked familiarly skinny.

Hujan vs Wedding

See, they even got the bigger stage (picture was taken up close so it looked smaller)! I mean, I know they needed the space for the instruments and the group members but shouldn’t the bride and groom be the center of attention? It was their wedding after all. Hey, you don’t get married often (unless you get married and divorced 5 times) you know.

Not only that, guests were more eager to take pictures with them rather than the king and queen of the day!

They’re family after all so I guess the bride and groom didn’t mind. They were probably proud or something.

Oh, the band even promoted and sold their t-shirts there.

Nisa’s rule 3#
Sneak out early as to not be trapped in the crowd.
Nisa’s rule 4#
Don’t use the main door so you wouldn’t have to congrats the bride and groom.

So I tried searching the booth or the desk or something where they might be selling these t-shirts as further proof, but couldn’t find it =(

Her: My funeral theory got to her, so she buang tebiat and went.
Me: I don’t think I looked like someone who didn’t sleep the whole night.

After we arrived home, I officially crashed on my bed at 2.14 pm. A new bedtime record =)

Nisa’s conclusion of the day: I hate weddings.