So my blog is practically dead. Dry. Drained. You get my point. And for those who’d been urging me to update my blog, well, here I am.

Sorry, I was so busy studying and being a nerd, I couldn’t bring myself to blog.

Ahah! As if =P

Being here always sucked any writing mood out of me.

Before I start, can I first complain? Of course, it’s my blog. Sukati la what I wanna write. So here goes:

Finals are in 2 weeks and 80% of my classes are cancelled.


And before I could rejoice about my class-less days, the lecturers piled us with so much work.

Just a typical student’s whine.

I feel as if this semester has been dragging on for too long. Too long and too boring and I just can’t wait for it to end. 3 more weeks, that’s it. This is the longest I’ve been away. The maximum should be a month and a half. Not 3 AND A HALF MONTHS. And somehow, my grades have been a bit more colourful this semester. No more As lining up.

I just want to go home.

I know I sound like a child longing for her ice-cream. No,no. I’m just longing for Seksyen 2’s ABC which my housemates had promised me today but up to now, I still haven’t seen ANY ICE.

I’m known to be aggresive when I want something so they better bring me there ASAP.

That’s my ultimate complain by the way.

I want my ABC!

P.S: Dear Hani, HAPPY 8TH BIRTHDAY. Cut on the snacks and eat more veggies k? Love you.