Sometimes I feel, we are puppets. Chained by strings. Destined to entertained.

I am one of those puppets. Controlled, put into acts. The strings are my leash, and one who controls them, isn’t someone. Not a person, but an event. Not a walking soul, but bits of occurence. It took a lifetime for the strings to get loose. And it gave me great delights, to be freed. Weightless. For not to force to smile. Not to force into joyous. But doing them with sincerity.

But sometimes, just sometimes, the chains tightened, jerking me backwards. And it repeats.
It repeats. As if all this while, I didn’t move. Rooted to that one spot. And after some passing time, the chains loosen once again.

I’m going to be binded to them forever. But I still believe the strings will break one day. They will. All I have to do is wait.
Just being dramatic XOXO
Anyways, let’s immersed ourselves in the pictures of cuteness:

It’s so small, it could fit right into my palms

Lulu*, Lala*, Lili*

Like a lioness
Now watch Lulu*:

Wearing a dress!
First unsuccesful attempt to take the dress off

Second unsuccessful attempt

Chewed on the tablecloth instead

Bite bite

Very doll-like and pretty

*Names subjected to changes because well, I haven’t named them yet.

Btw, I DON’T believe in all those crap about animals dying if pictures of them are taken. That is not only PURE, but completely and utterly bullshit. They die because they’re old or sick or eaten. If it’s true, then the animals on TV and magazines and books and posters would all be dead by now and this world would be animal-less. And my rabbits will have long prosperous lives. So there.