Let’s start my entry with this picture:

That couch is now officially my bed. It’s not that I was thrown outta my room. Nor is it I’m trying to gain sympathy from my parents so that they’ll raise my allowance *hint! hint!*

But because for these past 4 or 5 days, I’ve felt asleep on it around 5.30 am watching CDs. And when I woke up, it’s already noon and someone had been kind enough to take out the cd, switched off the tv and so on.

Anyways, yesterday had been a bit bizarre by my standards. I slept at 10 am (a new record!) and woke up at 4.30 pm. Couldn’t quite believe I’d woken up that late. I’d practically jumped up from the couch when I looked at the time.

Now, the question. WHAT was I so busy doing that I couldn’t meet my 5 am bedtime?

Keeping my promise to my brother. Which was…….

Fine. We went jogging. He’s been bugging me about it since I made the mistake of suggesting it like a week ago. It didn’t happen because I’d usually dive in to bed before 6 am on purpose since I really didn’t feel like sweating.

So when 5 am greeted me, I was all, “Haiya, now I have to go to sleep.” Like it was more of a commitment than something my brain and body badly required. Then it hit me that I was on holidays (cheers!) and that I could afford to go to sleep anytime I wanted. I took on surfing the channels and settled on Discovery Channel. About some evil person named Carozasta. Cazarosta. Cozosta. It’s something started with a C. He must had been one boring person, because 3 minutes into the show, I got bored already. Instead, I picked:

Once again, Power Puff Girls saved the day.

Around 6.30 am, we set off. On foot. You know, trust is the basis of everything. Saying you didn’t want to die early on the other hand, isn’t. It’s as if my parents didn’t spend a thousand bucks so that I could get my license. It’s as if I couldn’t even drive! Okay, so maybe there’s some doubt there. But still, it’s Bulatan Park. That’s only like 5 minutes away. If an accident did occur, I could still go home and fetch a couple of books so I wouldn’t die of boredom in the hospital.

Barely 3 minutes into walking, it rained heavily. How could the weather changed from

this to this?

Instead of retreating home like losers, I suggested we sat at a nearby bus stop until the rain subsided. Brilliant or not?

Only that I got impatient after sitting for a while and convinced him that a bit of rain wouldn’t kill us. I told him I wanted to use the long way and I only got THE question once. Which was,

Seriously, don’t you know anything about road rules?”

It was a nice morning and it’s been a while since I had taken a morning walk. I couldn’t be blamed for walking in the middle of the road and ignoring the cars.

Because of CNY + rain, there weren’t many people. Just a few old people, jogging with umbrellas. I couldn’t do that. But then, there are a lot of things I couldn’t do.
Something else caught my attention though:

Supported by JICA. Hmm…somehow doubtful.

And guess what? On my third lap, it started raining some more! The sun must had been laughing at me behind all those raindrops and clouds.

After doing 4 laps, I decided to call it a quit because my legs were threatening to disattach from my body. It wouldn’t be nice to be legless.

So we went to the only cafe opened which I didn’t know the name.

I ordered the classic ice lemon tea which seriously, looked more like orange gunk to me. They didn’t have Coke (boohoo), nor did they have watermelon juice. Nor did they have barley. My advice? Tutup kedai la!

I would be delighted to say my morning ended there but sadly, it didn’t.

My requirement was specific: I wanted the shortest short cut to go home.
Since it was practically his fault we’re on foot, he’s the one who’s supposed to figure that out. And he did what? He took the longest short cut ever! The roads we took weren’t familiar to me (I need a map to walk around Miri) and whenever I asked, he said that he knew his way around because he took the roads before. Ok.

When I saw the sign Piasau Jaya 2B, I gaped. I didn’t know it existed!

When I saw SESCO, I freaked out. SESCO was nowhere near home!

We went that way, and this way, and I was already thinking of calling Dad to pick us up (I didn’t because being 19 and all, independent was what I should be).

After a while, we saw SMKDP and got ourselves safely back at home. Wanna know what’s funny? Despite the soaking in the rain and mixed directions, I never felt more alive.

I haven’t felt that in a long time.