Things would be better if I don’t have 2 panda eyes staring at myself in the mirror. And the panda eyes looked as if the pandas didn’t get much rest either. I don’t get what I’m ranting about myself.
Only that,


This is just another of my many many phases of absurdness. So it’s not a big deal. Oh yea, what was I going to talk about? Ahah, now I remember.

I did my usual sprinting-to-catch-the-plane today. It totally wasn’t my fault last time; I was on the stand-by list and so, the whole running thing was acceptable. This time, I arrived earlier at KLIA; flight was at 1.15 pm, and I was already there by 11.50 am. That’s like 25 minutes earlier before the checking in time right? There should be no reason for tardiness. Only that I got totally absorbed with my book, I lost track. The first time I checked the clock, it was 12:09 pm. The next time I glanced at it, it showed 12:40 pm. And to my horror, the checking in queue was long. Long long long. Dammit.

I imagined calling my parents up and telling them I’d missed my flight. Nope, not imaginable.
And so I queued up. I was one of the last passengers who checked in and so I got upgraded. Ahah! The book didn’t do any harm after all. Well, not much harm anyway. Just cold sweats xD It’s one of the been-there-done-that situations. So I knew the distance to the terminal gate and I knew I had to walk fast, if not run. Only this time, I was prepared; I wore sneakers. Last time it was bloody heels. I think I ran pretty fast for someone who was carrying a notebook, handbag and donuts. Back up-plan was never a bad thing. And sneakers of course.

Oh oh oh, I drove tonight! Yeaaaahh, after, um, I don’t know how many months after I’ve had my license. But the months were many enough. I insisted on driving to Gran’s even though it was dark and it was raining. Hey, I had to practice sooner or later didn’t I?

This is the rule when I’m sitting in the driver’s place ok: Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE should stay home. They shouldn’t be out there on the road, driving as well.

Seriously, I freaked out when there were other cars. Whenever a car was tailing behind me because I was going s l o w l y , I would think;

“That driver must think I’m an idiot and drives like an old granny.”

Because that’s what I would usually say when the car in front is driving 40 km/hr. In fact, old grannies probably drive better. Anyway, my point is, I should be worrrying more about crashing into other cars, or trees, or anything crashable really, and killing myself and my passengers rather than worrying what a blank-face-driver would have thought of me and my limited driving skills. Then I remembered that whenever one of my parents drove, I’d feel that I was in good hands. With me driving, they’re clinging onto the seatbelts for their dear lives and looked as if they might encountered heart attacks soon enough.

So for now, I still remain a danger to myself and those around me.