I spend my day……

8.00 am Alarm clock rang. Switched it off and made a mental note to wake
up 30 minutes later.

8.28 am Up and about to the toilet.

8.35 am Done taking my bath. The colder the water, the less time I took my time bathing.
It’s FREEZING cold la.

8.50 am Made my usual breakfast of half a glass of Nestum.

9.00 am Dominated the study area as usual.

10.00 am Studied.

11.30 am Didn’t budge even an inch from my chair.

1.00 pm Went out for lunch with my housemates.

2.30 pm Studied.

5.30 pm Studied.

6.00 pm Tidied my room and resume studying.

8.16 pm Took my bath and studied.

12.30 pm Felt I’ve studied enough and here I am.

I know, what a super duper interesting way to spend a rarely free Thursday.