What’s life without dramas right?

If you’re too kind, you get stepped on. Nor can you be too mean. Everything must be balanced. Sometimes being the observer is interesting. You see things from a different angle. You can think rationally and make sense out of the illogical stuff. You deserve to not understand why some events occur. But if you’re in their shoes, everything changes.

I believe things happen for a reason because there’re lessons to be learned. Yes, there are some things in life that are just unforgivable. Even so, the unforgivable needs to be understood and accepted. Only then we could forgive. You see, everything happens for a reason. That includes the unforgivable ones.

Anyways, I’m too young to be philosophical. I don’t know all there is too know but I’m allow to judge. I’m gonna be 19 this year! Huh, that’s old. Then the year after that I’ll be 20. That’s even older!

My head’s a mess. My life isn’t but my head is. Assignments are piling up and finals are in 2 weeks. Lab tests are coming up. A lot of things seem so undone. And I’m hungry.

Happy Awal Muharram people =)