The Ataris goes: Only two more days until your birthday….

Ha! I wish. After you multiply the original 5 days of my mid-sem break, you get A WEEK AND A HALF. Then you subtract that further and it totals to, let me see, ahah. 2 DAYS. Less than 2 days in fact.

Hooray. Not.

I used to say to my mum; when I turn 18, I’m gonna pack all my things and leave home and never come back.
That was said during the not-so-good days. And obviously, the aftermath of reading too many fiction stories. Leave home and never come back my ass.

10 things I love about home:

1. I don’t have to eat healthily. All the junk food and everything the not-veggies.

2. I could afford to be sick and still refused to take my medicine.

3. I can be fat and be totally be fine with it.

4. I can sleep at 4 am and wake up at noon WITHOUT setting the alarm clock.

5. Neverending supply of hot water.

6. In-satisfactory-condition room and messy bed.

7. Bibits!

8. F & F, family and friends- funny they come at number 8 but who cares.

9. Being back in Miri- and this, number 9. Again, WHO CARES?

And last but not least,

10. NO quizzes, NO tests, NO presentations, NO studying.

The FRIM visit was yesterday. I totally missed it. As much as jungle-trekking and Bio was fun, I would rather be in Mall, eating ice-cream and having pauses conversation with my old friends. Luckily the report and assignment are to be done in group. And luckily they haven’t covered much on the other subjects. Now I can breathe. This should teach me to never self-extend my hols ever again. Bleh. As if that would happen.

Why is it that the others have months and months of hols while I only have 2 weeks of hols max? Maybe I’ve enrolled in the wrong place. Lol. After this, it’ll be hectic. Make that hectic and hell. To cover 5-6 chapters in less than a month for 5 subjects. Let’s see whether I’ll have the time to call Dad crying and complaining on how I couldn’t solve those physics questions.

Ah, at least I got some good memories this time.

+ Burnt cookies. Exploded egg in microwave. +

I’m starting to think microwave is a dangerous device after all.

Oh well, what else can I say. Fun time is over.