Ever realised how things always turned out to be the opposites than the ones we wanted?

When we wish for the hands of the clock to stop moving, time seems to sprint after tomorrow without intolerance. When we look around desperately for the rainbow, grey clouds wave by. Beautiful moments in life especially, are not meant to last forever. Something worth fighting over, worth the tears and sweats, and worth the wait and patient. Seeing the stars present at night and absent during the day. The seconds of the sun rising and setting. To know that they’re there, yet we couldn’t keep them with us any longer than we would have wanted to.

Life has its own means when it comes to dealing with humans. One second we’re high up in the air, wings fluttering with excitement, and the next we fall down to the ground with a thud. Toppling everything upside down, causing what was once steady to crash down on top of our heads. Then without any hint or warning, we find ourselves crawling through the mud we once carefully avoided. And then we said to ourselves, “Life is cheating on us.”. On each one of us, life is constantly playing games. They could be pleasant at times, but they are, without doubt, temporary. We look up to the golden sun, shining its light so bright it’s blinding and it hit us; maybe being temporary isn’t such a bad thing at all.

We see far more of the thorns and weeds than we do of flowers. We work hard to tend to the lilies, to keep them blooming rather than for them to wilt and die. Then winter comes and take it all away. The sea of white, pink and blue. The breathtaking view, the sweet smelling that fumes the air but most of all, the time, money and energy spend. We blame nature. We curse the obvious unnoticed coming. But when spring comes, we find ourselves doing it all over again; planting the seeds, watering the plants, letting the colours liven the world once more. Even if we knew, one fine day, they would be wiped gone when the time came.

We threw our head back and laugh. Then halfway we stop, knowing the joy isn’t there to stay. It will, one day, disappear. Is it wise to laugh now and cry later? Or do we neither laugh nor cry both now and later? Stop savouring moments to avoid the unwanted. Until enjoyment becomes a distant. Not worth it.

Various people live for various reasons. Living for him. Living for her. Living for that thing. When they screw their lives, then so do ours. When that thing gets loss, breaks or thrown away, then our lives end. We live for everything but ourselves. We stop doing things because we, for once, want them. We become puppets to our choosen masters. A reason to be controlled and to be on a leash. A reason to not have a mind of our own and to always have something to blame for. It is an idea that living shouldn’t be based on anything. Not something that walks, breathes and solid.

Live for ourselves. Live for the moments which belong to ours and ours alone.