Funny how it seemed that wherever I went today had one thing in common; blackout. Parkson, Mall, and yeah, even Cafe Rosita.
When the lights went out in Parkson just now, I could only come out with one word to describe it : COOLNESS. Besides, how many times could you experience blackout in a shopping mall? Not many, that’s how many. And just after The Golden Compass has ended too! Perfect timing. Only after a while, the enjoyment started creeping away. How were you supposed to buy stuff when it’s even hard to look at them? And I was sweating. That, above all, did not spell cool.

Being that, we (Ct and A-g and me) decided to go to Mall. It was the nearest place to hang out anyway. Only to discover that, tadaaa, there’s no electricity there too. But there’s ice-cream which was good enough for me and the air-con was slightly cooler (good back-up power yeah) but again, we ended up doing nothing. Most of the shops were already closed or being closed so we decided to call it a day.

Oh yea, I forgot to mention the outmost important part of all: Today in history, 22nd December 2007, I, Nurisa Bt Mohd Sabri was not only EARLY for once- I was the EARLIEST one. Ha! Take that Mr. Smarty Pants! I took extra efforts to make sure of that knowing that a certain someone would have an endless list of complaints- which I’d have to hear until the day I die- if I was late for the 100th time. And also, just so he couldn’t use his trademark excuse, “I knew everyone else was gonna be late anyway.”. Bwahaha. Big fat evil laugh.

And oh, for Muslims, Grand Palace Hotel isn’t halal anymore. Their halal certificate was withdrawn since Best Western restaurant shared its kitchen with the chinese restaurant upstairs. Just a passing information. There goes my second favourite restaurant……NOT. I have no idea why my parents love it there, I for one, HATE it. The food are nice, no doubt but… the lights are too dim. That’s the main reason why I used to skip our family dinner. Good food or not. Give me kedai mamak anytime. At least they have the common sense to switch on the lights. Speaking about that and relating to the blackout in Cafe Rosita, and so, we had our romantic candlelight dinner. I did mention about hating dimmed lights earlier didn’t I?