At last I can sit down and blog. After sweeping the floor, did the dishes and laundries and a number of other things. Save the jaw-dropping-OMG-I-couldn’t-believe-she-did those reaction because those are what I’ve just done.

My maid’s not here and someone had to do those okay.

Hari Raya Aidiladha. 80% of the food were imported from Gran’s house. Except for the roasted lamb, baked cheese cake and mixed veggie with cream cheese. An applause for my mum for whipping those up last minute. At least it wasn’t such a disaster. Haha. I doubt I could do those- I’d burnt her cookies last night by setting them at 3 minutes in the microwave instead of 30 seconds. Needless to say, I managed to stink the whole house on my first day back.

Some things just never change.

By the way, can you believe she said I lacked common sense??
How could she! My own mother!
Just because I scrubbed the potatoes by hands instead of using the green sponge. And spreading butter on those using a knife instead of using the brush thingy.
How should I know! Then Dad piped in saying I needed to learn or else I wouldn’t be able to cope in the future. Which is why I must make enough money to hire a maid. Easy peasy.
Oh well. At least they sounded worried instead of insulting. That I can accept.
Maybe I should start worrying as well. On a second thought, let’s save that for the future. I have other things to worry about.

Like trying to stay awake because I’m already sleepy right now. Slept at 2 am yesterday. Hmm.. what was I doing? Oh. Playing Warcraft. Then Mum had to wake me up at 7.42 am. Something concerning the tea set. I ignored her but my guilt prevented me from going back to sleep and so I set to the kitchen.

“Where’s the tea set?”

“I washed them already.”

Yeah, it was already on the dining table. Whoopy.

“I’ll go back to sleep then.”

As if. By 11.30 am, I still haven’t taken my retainer off, brushed my teeth or washed my face. And I was still in my nightgown. Gross.

We had lunch at Gran’s. She’s the caterer of the day, lol. She even dropped by just now to send more food. Something tells me we’ll be using the microwave a lot in the next few days. Stayed there until four something where I managed to stuff myself and took a short nap. I blame the bread. It was so soft!

Anyway, finished another book today. Then then then, it was my duty to clear the table. I was trying to figure out how to wash the dishes since there were a lot when Zahir came into the kitchen, rolled the sleeves of his dark purple baju Melayu (despite me going around the house announcing the theme of the day was RED), and offered to wash half of them.

Whoa. The world must had turned upside down.

“Why would you wanna do the dishes?”

“In life, we must give and take.”

Give and take my foot. He only knows how to take. Give, apparently, has never registered in his dictionary. His biggest contribution whenever our maid’s not around so far is throwing the garbage out once in 2 days. I wasn’t going to say no though. So he did half of them while I completed my other chores.

Huhu. He’s worst than Mum. And she’s like the most immaculate person I’ve ever known. He took 30++ minutes just to wash 5 plates! I was tapping my fingers impatiently on the sink and trying to convince him to let me finish but he was all, “See, there’s so much oil!”.
Still, it was sweet of him to volunteer. Maybe he’s not as spoiled as I thought. Maybe.

You know what’s so unusual this time? Despite of my bro helping out, there wasn’t so much tension in the air. Normally when my maid went back, everyone would be all tensed and twitchy because of the chores needed to be done. And normally, Zatyfaty and Zahir wouldn’t even lift a finger. But this time, everyone helped out. Even Hani- she made Milo. It was a bit too sweet but nevermind that. Lol. It’s only after dinner and already she went around asking about breakfast since my parents are working tomorrow. I thought she was supposed to be on a diet or something. A 7 year-old kid like her has only 4 things on her mind; food, channel 611-616, online games and animes. Soon she’ll be starting on mangas. Who could blame her right?

So far, I’m enjoying this.

It’s already way past midnight and I need to take a bath.