The smell of rain. It’s raining. Again.

Class started last Monday. For some reason, I felt dread. And I found myself thinking, where’s the excitement I usually had before the first day of school?
Ladening my brand new bagpack with books, my new pencilcase (every year without fail =P) and the insomnia I usually had on the night before school started. Where were those?
I realised with a pang, they didn’t exist anymore. It’s a feeling I wouldn’t experience for a long time after this. And I miss it.

This one whole week felt like a month. It seemed long. The quietness in this house, instead of being comforting, feels eerie. Vi and I are the only people here. My other housemates wouldn’t be back until next weekend. After 8 am-5 pm of classes for the day, walking into an empty room seems depressing. It’s as if the four walls are crushing me. The quietness. The loneliness.

Dread. Depressed. Lonely.
Yup, that’s about enough to sign me up for a mental institution.