Yes! YES!

They finally got together!
By they, I meant Rosie Dunne and Alex Stewart.
By referring to them, I was talking about the characters in Where Rainbows End.
And of course, they don’t really exist.
But I don’t care because I was right.

That book was really trying my patience:

1. They’ve known each other since they’re 5 years old and you knew instantly they’re meant for each other. Not that they knew that.

2. They’ve had, not one, not two, not a couple BUT A ZILLION OF WRONG TURNS before realising that.

3. Page 489; wow, they’re still NOT together. It’s really annoying when you knew perfectly well they would in the end.

4. The last 3 and a quarter pages summed it all. There you go. A happy ending =)

Who cares if they’re 50 years old?
Who cares if they’re too stupid to realise it sooner?
It’s one of the books which I would normally say, just get it over and get married already.
I know, I can be such a bitter person sometimes. If not all the time. Lol.

Still, kudos to Cecelia Ahern. It was fab.

Whenever Zatyfaty heard me sighed in my reading, she went, “They’re still not married yet?”
Sighed again.
“They never will,”

I proved her wrong! Or at least, the author did. Because, they finally got together! Oh, I’ve mentioned that. This was just like the time before Harry Potter And the Deathly Hallows copies were released and I, like the rest of HP fans, was confident Harry wouldn’t die, nor would any of his friends. That fact was enough to send terrors to millions of children around the world. I didn’t think there were enough beds in the hospitals. Nor were there enough psychiatrists. And J.K Rowling wouldn’t be that mean anyway. Me and my obsession of Harry Potter. I so need to GROW UP. But while we’re on the subject…I totally, utterly and completely detest Daniel Radcliffe. Ok, so maybe not in real life. I hate the fact that he’s playing Harry Potter. Harry Potter and Daniel Radcliffe are two completely different person. And he sucked in the movies anyway. Because the movies themselves sucked. So I love Harry Potter but not Daniel Radcliffe. And I need to stop rambling if I don’t want his publicist to sue me for harrasing him. Which I already did.

Anyway, I’m knackered. I feel knackered. Gone were the days when I could just sit in my room doing nothing but read all day. Hello to the days where I’ll have to spend my free times revising. So I make it my mission to read as many books as possible before those bitter moments arrive. And spending my Dad’s money on them instead of mine. As if it’s not his money I’m spending there. Haha.

Oh yeah, for those who haven’t read the books, I really don’t advise you guys to read this post and if they say, “Why didn’t she type that at the beginning of the post??”, then they’re completely missing the point. I know, I’m evil xD