It’s the 5th day of Raya.

Raya’s pretty much over for me really. Not for them apparently. It’s so not. Because I’VE BEEN FORCED TO ATTEND EVERY SINGLE FAMILY GATHERING SINCE MORNING. Oh, pardon me. It’s EVER SINCE THE FIRST DAY OF RAYA.
It’s not that I hate spending time with my family, especially the ones on my mum’s side. But if you’ve been doing that FOR 5 DAYS IN A ROW, you’ll eventually get sick of them. The same old faces. At every single open house. It’s enough to drive me crazy.

Ok, like today. When I found out they’re holding a cousin’s birthday party in Boulevard this afternoon, all I thought was, “Crap. How am I gonna get out of this.” Oh, did I mention I was at a cousin’s open house at that time? And the thought of meeting them again that afternoon practically killed me. Anyway, so I messaged my friends, trying to form a last-minute plan to hang out together. But something came up and it was cancelled.

Crap crap crap.

It’s not like anyone forced me to go but…
People were bound to ask. And I didn’t want my Mum to say, “Oh, she’s at home. She didn’t want to come.” And trust me, that’s what Mum would say even if she’s my dear and only one mother.
That answer’s so not cool. Not when Gran’s there.
If she said, “She’s out with her friends….,” then that would sound like I couldn’t attend. Not because I wouldn’t. That could make a lot of difference.
It’s all about REPUTATION.

Anyway, I couldn’t get out of that birthday party. So I went. There’re kids everywhere. Like 15 of them. One look at them and I instantly got a headache. Don’t get me wrong. I like kids. I might adopt one or two when I’m all grown up. But not these kids.
Thank God I brought a book with me.
So there I was, in the middle of Sugar Bun, reading Sophie Kinsella’s. I got a couple of amused questions, but.. sod off. Like I care. I wanted to read that book.
They are cousins I like. And they are cousins I don’t. To those I don’t, ha! Dad’s always saying stuff like, we’re a family bla bla bla.
We only share the same blood. It’s unavoidable. Other than that, they’re complete strangers. Big deal. That’s it Dad. It’s not complicated really.