Always regret the things you did do, never the things you didn’t.

I always make it a point, a line of words as a reminder. I used to say, to not repeat it, the act of the past. That single sentence, the core from with it came from. The beginning.

But now I’m confused. Now I’m starting to question. Everything has crumbled. Only to reveal the shoulds. And the shouldn’ts. The dos and don’ts. The what ifs and if onlys.

Is that the truth? Should I learn from now on, to accept it as a part of my life? The part that I once saw as myself. Start seeing. Start hearing. And stop dreaming.

I don’t want to. I wouldn’t.
I want to live that dream.
…yet I don’t know how.
Where should I start?
What should I do?

It’s a jigsaw puzzle lying on the floor. Pieces all over the place.
I couldn’t solve it.