With the arrival of Ramadhan, I feel a sense of calmness. A calmness which, no matter how havoc life seems to be, would never go away. And with that, I give my thanks to God. Of course, there’s also the fact that after Ramadhan, it’s Raya =P
Saturday. Bliss. 1 quiz, 2 exams and a presentation are over. Huh. And next week, I have 2 more tests. Yikes. Since this semester is almost ending (approximately 2 weeks left before finals, YAY), the lecturers are rushing to finish the syllabus and tests and quizzes. Which is why my days are packed with those.

Ramadhan here seems different. It is different. I try not to think how the atmosphere usually is at home during the breaking of fast. Food, food and food. A maid serving. The whole family eating together almost everyday. A rare sight. Okay, I’m thinking about it now. Here, I’ve to buy and find my own food. And since I’m fasting, I become more picky when it comes to food.

Limited space -> Limited food intake

Get it? Lol. So food selection must be done with extra precise and care. Hehe.

It doesn’t seem long since the last Ramadhan. It was only last year. No, it’s not even a year. Come to think of it, we’ve been going through Ramadhan every year. And yet with each year, it becomes even more special, even more meaningful. I remember during my childhood, fasting because my parents asked me to. And I would sneak into the kitchen, open the fridge and take a sip of drink xD But now, there’s more to this month than eating and drinking. I mean, think logically. An early breakfast, a skipped lunch and dinner, right? So there’s no fuss really with all the hunger and thirst. What important is, to control your thoughts, actions and words. It’s not easy, but it’s achievable. And I’m trying. Being a better person, changing along with the flowing days, because..well, because it’s a normal process. That’s that.

I hate to think that after this, I’ve to complete my Malaysian Studies assignment. If I knew, I would have choosen another topic. Haih.