Sometimes I wonder. When I looked out of the window, and saw people milling around. Just how different we are? What hurt me may not hurt them. How does sensitivity work? I don’t know.
I spend all day with Rina today. We were searching for, ehem, ‘the bag’ which remains non-existent so far. Who cares >_< I was just glad we’re able to hang out. Like how we used to. Back in Miri, back in Labuan. Someone who’s almost like family. I spend last night at Roy’s. Then we got lost trying to find my aunt’s house =P
The cold nights in matriculation. Haha. It’s funny thinking about those now. Cold nights. We’re going to experience that wherever we go. Just have to deal with them. Well, we managed to get through those didn’t we? Hm, you know what I miss the most about Labuan? My pink water ladle! It used to be so cute. Lol.