I never thought of this before but come to think of it, I never mentioned this blog to anyone anymore. Not to my new friends. Not during NS, not during matriculation, definitely not while I’m in KUTPM. I don’t even know why. Just because. There’s no reason to expose yourself further to the world. There shouldn’t be any. To me, the only thing that matters, is knowing. How things happened, how much you’ve changed. Realising how immature you once were, and who you are now. Self-realisation.
I’m drained. Classes started at 8 am and ended at 4.30 pm. Spend the whole day in Annex. Today, I went back to my room on purpose to use the toilet. Ha! Didn’t want last week’s incident to happen again. I drank plenty of PLAIN WATER that day. It was raining heavily and the class was air-conditioned. Add all those, it could only mean one thing; I needed to pee, badly. I did survey the toilet there, twice but I couldn’t bring myself to use it. God knows how picky I am. The next gap of class was at 2 pm-the clock showed 1.40 pm. There’s no way I could wait for another 20 minutes. Asking the lecturer to excuse me so I could pee was a definite no. There was no way out ( I love exaggerating don’t I?), so I stood up, umbrella in hand and blatantly walked past the lecturer who was, at that time, was still lecturing. The fact that he was standing in front of the door didn’t help. That was rude, yea, but I was out of options. I braced the 15 minutes walk to my room and walah, mission accomplished.
Okay, I’m tired. Sleep sleep.