Orientation week had ended last Saturday. It was..well, it sucked a little as how orientation should be. All those briefings, bleh. And that birthday gimmick on Friday, haha. I was scared to death, thanks to the fcs who actually yelled at us. Turned out the whole thing was a gimmick. I would have been pleasantly suprised had I not knew it earlier; they did the same gimmick in NS. Jauh perjalanan, luas pemandangan. Lol. But it was still nice of them.
Currently I have 2 roommates and 5 housemates. Now, I have 6 kakak where as before this I had none. The others are all 20 years old. Besides me and Aisyah that is. We’re both 18 (at last I can say that! =P) I never thought I would say this but but but..too much air-condition sucks- our place is 24/7 air-conditioned. I never felt more dehydrated in my life. Be careful of what you wish for. Haha. Nevermind that.
I’m only taking 3 subjects since it’s a short semester. Islamic Studies *groan* ,Malaysian Studies *double groan* and Health Science. In other words, it’s an easy semester. At least final exams are before Hari Raya. Yay!
I’ve met Effa! Yayyyyy. Couldn’t believe meeting her here. It’s like another scene from Miri.

My first day of being 18. The birthday celebrations, the birthday songs, the birthday wishes. Even so, it was the loneliest birthday I’ve ever had. Smiling smiles and faking excitement I didn’t feel when my housemates “suprised” me with a birthday cake. Listening to Ctah’s and Lala’s shrill voices singing a birthday song on the phone. Listening to my Dad’s own version of Birthday Song. I longed to be at home. To have my usual birthday dinner, and cake, and presents and being the Queen of the house for the day. I longed to celebrate it with my family. None others. I wanted to wake up, knowing the moment I stepped out of my room Dad would shower me with hugs and kisses as if I was a 7-year old. I wanted all those.
Last time, I would rack my brain trying to think of what I wanted for my birthday present. Yesterday, all I thought was how hard it was to be 18. From 17 to 18. That one year period. It was long. It was rocky. It was not beautiful. Nevertheless, I’m here. I still have a long journey ahead of me. And I want to go through it. Not because I need to, but because I want to. I want to walk that path even if it’s difficult. I never wanted anything so badly in my life. I want this.