The first day of August. The eighth month into the year of 2007. Finally it’s here. A year since the 1st of August 2006. I wonder what happened back then. Or the year before that. I couldn’t remember. Our lives are pieces of dreams sewn together. There are dreams we remember. There are dreams we don’t. Dreams which could keep us up the whole night. Or dreams we don’t even know we had.
They say dreams are parts of our subconcious minds. The secrets which dwell within ourselves. Secrets we don’t even know exist. The opposite of reality. What happened in dreams normally don’t occur in real life. Well, that’s why they’re called dreams aren’t they?
Somewhere between the fake and fact. Fantasies which reflect reality. Reachable but merely. It doesn’t matter. In the end they remain what they are. Just dreams. They’re not real. No matter how much we yearn them to be. They’re just not real. Believe that.
But… dreams give us hopes don’t they? A tiny flicker of hope. When you’re left with nothing, and you have your dreams with you. And they make what unreachable seems…reachable. They make life’s cruel games seem less cruel. Those are what dreams potray. Even if they’re fake, they are all we have. They are all I have.
August is, has always been, magical to me. Maybe I’ve watched too many disney cartoons and movies, and oh, there’s harry potter and Diana Wynne Jones’s fiction stories, and the fairytales books, and Wicca. And a lot more. But August is magical. In glitters and in stars. The fact that it’s not exactly the middle month, and not quite the end of the year. And for Malaysians we’re guaranteed one day of holiday at the end of the month, which is a bonus point except for all the lame celebrations and having to pretend just how patriotic we are. No pun intended. But hey, one blank day stretches ahead of me? Count me in. Flag waving or no flag waving.
Nah, not because of all those. It’s just nice seeing people happy. Even if it’s just for a day. Even if it’s just for a smile.
God, this peanut butter AND strawberry sandwhich totally ruined my dinner. Now I’ve to make a new one. Peanut butter doesn’t go with strawberry. Sheesh. Where’s the banana?
Tata 🙂