Considering the amount of messages I’ve received so far, I could guess; the news has started to spread.
I’ve left KML.
So I only told a handful of people.
So I refused to have an ex-kolejians farewell party.
I didn’t think it was necessary.
I didn’t want to waste spending my limited time with those who weren’t close to me.
It wasn’t a big deal.
As Mira had said it, I liked doing magic. Disappearing suddenly without any hint.
That’s not the case.
There were people I would like to meet again. There were also people I couldn’t care less about. Those majority of people whom I didn’t tell fell into the latter category. Who cares.
I felt neither sad nor happy.
I didn’t feel relief nor did I cry.
I felt nothing.
How to sum up my 2 months and 9 days there? A second national service. Lol.
Did I regret it? No. No I didn’t. I had awesome tutorial mates who ignored the lecturer in front and crowded outside to send me off. I had a super-nice roommate who walked through the rain to send me an umbrella when I’d forgotten to bring it. I had friends I know now I could always count on.
But Jo was right. I am, as what she always calls me, manja. I will always be.

Phase III of 2007, ended.