What am I doing here in my yukata, sipping a vitagen while typing a post when I should be taking a bath?
I need to cool myself; physically and mentally.

I woke up this morning with a rare headache. The clock spelled 9.16 am. Shoot. I missed my L2B. As intended. Bwahaha. Lazy ^_^ Maybe next hols. Dumbfoundedly, I staggered ouside, just on time because my parents just got back from their morning stroll (ugh?). A quick chat and I went back inside and found Zatyfaty’s lying on her bed, playing with her hp andddd

“Get up! We’re giving the rabbits a bath this morning.”

The mission: To cleanse and purify SIX rabbits from germs and bacterias a.k.a giving them a bath. Duh.

The items needed: 3 pails of hot water, their “bath tub”, shampoo, huge towels, a hairdryer.

Here’s how giving them a bath works:

1. Transfer one of the rabbits from the cage into the huge seramic pot- the “bath tub” which I stubbornly claimed belong to my rabbits and not my mum. You want to plant plants in it, you’ll have to buy another one 😉

2. Shampoo + hot water. Scrub scrub scrub.

3. Wrap he/she in a huge towel (because they’re huge themselves) and give he/she to Zatyfaty.

4. The blow-drying + combing.

5. Repeat step 1-4 with the other 5 rabbits.

Overall, it took 2 hours. Last time it only took an hour but since, there’re 3 x 2= 6 rabbits now, everything was doubled. The hot water, the shampoo, the time.
That’s not only it, collaborating with a diva made it harder.

” I don’t wanna get wet!” That was what she said when I handed her a rabbit to blow-dry *eyebrows arched*

When you’re bathing rabbits, you’re bound to get wet. There’s no I-don’t-want-to-get-wet silliness. Besides, who wore a yellow DIESEL baby-tee with a stupid strawberry in front of it matched with grey cropped leggings when they’re doing that kind of work huh? *roll eyes*
You wear an old t-shirt and a tracksuit, like me. You don’t wear Diesel my dear. Nothing could beat the smile on my face when she was splashed by water by one of the rabbits. Hah. And I thought I was supposed to be the diva in this house. How wrong I was.

After the whole bathing thing, I let them out for a while. Some people might wonder, why let them out after they’ve bathed? Won’ t they just get dirty again?
Ahhh. If I let them out before I bathed them, then catching them again would be an even harder task. Bathed a rabbit then paused for a while to catch the next one. 6 times of pausing. Hard work aite? Besides, a rabbit is suppose to get dirty. They’re suppose to play with the dirt, and get splashed with mud. They’re suppose to feel the rain and stuff like that. They’re not suppose to be kept in a cage, shaded from the sun and rain, sparklingly clean. Haih.
Oh yea, Yuko behaved well *proud smile*
Okay, so he scratched my wrist deep enough, it bled but when I lost my temper and raised my voice at him,

“Yuko! Stay still! Shame on you!”

he obediently laid still on the grass and let me put him in his cage. Good boy.