This old feeling, I’ve missed it a lot.

Zatyfaty, as I call her

Mum and her

One of the few pics I have with my sis

Both are mine

Times spend with these people, I love.
Me, Ctah, Asylla, Fara

A pose, from Fara and Ctah
Asylla, as she refers to herself, ‘mpuan kacak’ πŸ˜›
Asy and Me

At last, Edwin agreed to pose for a pic
When Terey bowled
When Edwin bowled
When Ctah bowled
::Ctah during her seleyheness moments::
Due to my respect for Ctah, I posted this pic πŸ˜›

::Handphone’s camera fight with Terey::

The outcome: He won.

The reason(s): Obviously he had longer hands and that phone of his suddenly popped out of nowhere.