How do you judge a blog?
You don’t.

In the past, before I posted an entry, I used to think; what would people say when they read this? I wrote for people. I wrote so people could judge. Then I thought, that’s not how a blog should work. Shouldn’t it? We don’t write what people want to read. We don’t search for the proper words.
We write the pictures.
We write the feelings.
We write the unseen.
Those are what make a blog, a blog. We’re free to write what we want regardless of what people say. It doesn’t have to be deep. It doesn’t have to be meaningful. It doesn’t have to be beautiful.
It could just be plain. It could just be simple. It’s allow to be ugly. We’re not all flowers. Sometimes weeds do grow. Sometimes the flowers do die. Then they’ll grow back and the process repeats itself all over again.
Bloggers, don’t go for praises. I’m not trying to win the Pulitzer prize. I’m not aiming for the Nobel Prize in Literature. I’m not writing to sell. I don’t write so people would be awed and impressed. I don’t need hundreds of thousands of viewers and readers.
I write simply to interpret myself in words.

I forgot how going through stuff works. I forgot it’s not simply dividing your belongings into two piles; the wanted, and the junk. You’re bound to pause and remember. You’re bound to laugh, and smile and cry. You’re bound to wonder and ask unanswered questions. All those, you would do. As I looked at certain photos, as I read certain things, I asked myself; Did I know this and that would happen? Somehow, did I? Could I have possibly thought of those?
No, I didn’t. And no, I couldn’t have.
I was so young, so innocent, so naive. We all were when we’re still in diapers.
These things happen don’t they?
Looking at things, I know I would spend a big part of my life trying to be someone I’m not. I know I’m going to spend an even bigger part of it trying to find who I am again. Those, when I’ll think of them in the future, at least I’ll know I’ve thought of them in the past.

*rabbits squeaked at 2.23 am for food ^_^*

Duty awaits.