I’ve been searching for the answer to this one question ever since I was in form 3. It’s a question denied by complexity. A simple enough question, it could be counted as a stupid one yet until now, almost 3 years later, not even one person managed to give me the answer that I wanted. I’ve asked that question to a lot of people, believe me. Some gave me answers based on scientific facts. Some gave me religious answers. Some looked at me weirdly with perplexity in their eyes and said it’s all in human nature. All of these answers made sense, they’re all true. Despite that, I could feel something’s missing. Time and time again I would shake my head with frustration demanding for another answer. Those weren’t the answers I wanted, I felt it in my heart. Even so, I don’t know the answer. I just know somehow they’re not the right ones. If anyone, plainly anyone, could answer that question, then that’s the time when another stage of my life will begin. Until that time arrives, I would stay where I am, searching for the answer even if it takes my whole lifetime.

Oh, by the way, the question? Let it remains just a question for the time being ^_^