I fell down last night! I was looking up at the moon, not watching where I was going and the next thing I knew I was already down on the pavement! Scrapped my left knee. Bwahaha. Not sure how that happened though since it’s not like the ground’s uneven or I’d tripped over something or anything. Double bwahaha. Once a klutz will always be a klutz. It’s proven!

I’m back to where I first started. Some things still remain but as time passed, I learned to cope. Life’s okay so far. Haven’t cried or felt homesick yet. Lol. I guess I feel numb. Just that sometimes, when I laugh, I feel afraid. I’m scared if I laughed, I would cry later. When that happens, I don’t know whether I’ll be able to stop. So I don’t want to start 🙂 Whatever I do, I couldn’t help thinking that’s only temporary; it wouldn’t last. Happiness doesn’t last, and so does grief. People say to enjoy your life as you live it, that’s true. I couldn’t do that much anymore. I’m more determined, more focus. I already know what I want out of my life, know how to make the best out of it. That’s the best part. The not so good part is, now I’m ignoring everything. Whatever that doesn’t have anything to do with me or my future, I tend not to care. I want to live my life without caring. I want to continue walking along the same path without regrets.

Question; Why are there a lot of mini buses in Labuan? They look really cute, no doubt, but why? Why don’t they use normal-size buses which could carry a lot more passengers? Is it because Labuan’s small, so they decided to use small buses? I did ask the bus driver but I don’t think he got my meaning or he did but I couldn’t understand what he was saying, lol. That question is killing me, seriously. It’s a silly question but I really want to know!

Another bad part is……I don’t know how to share food and drinks anymore! Meaning sharing the same spoon and fork or drinking from the same cup as others. Susah payah I learned to get used to that during NS! Gah. Sorry Seetah, hehe. I guess that time at McD was the last but at least I did know how to once right? 😛

I wonder- if women, us, wanted to be treated equally as men, then why do we still act like women? I’m not talking about clothes and crap stuff like that. I’m referring to our attitude. We cry. We complaint a lot. We tend to make a big fuss out of nothing. We’re fragile. We gossip, tittle-tattle and stuff yet we get mad when people say we’re second to men. I’m not putting down my own sex- we do have our strong points which men don’t have, yeah. What I mean is, well, if we’re really equal to men, why act as if we don’t have much brain most of the time?