The word friends begins with an F. Friends forever? Sounds cheesy and lame. But that’s it.
Friends forever. I don’t mind being labelled cheesy once in a while.
Don’t you dare.

3 months are almost over. 3 months have passed. In these three months, I’ve learnt a lot. Some people might raised their eyebrows to that, but I did. Maybe the things I did were mostly sleeping and hanging out with friends, but from those, I learned. Hurt and pain. Appreciation and respect. Opportunities and choices. I learned more than I did during form 5. I learned to know life itself. Most importantly, I learned about the importance of friends.

I never really thought about all that before. For me, friends come and go. People walk in and out of my life all the time. Some stayed long enough to mark their presence while some disappeared before they had the chance to do so. Those who did, will be remembered. Those who didn’t will be forgotten. As simple as that. Now, I wonder. Wonder about my friends.

I’m gonna miss them. To me, missing isn’t plain “Argh, when will we be able to see each other again? Keep in touch okay?”. Missing parts of my life, because my friends created some of those. Missing them calling me at 10 am, disturbing my sleep and saying, “Hello? Hello? Tertido ka? Iboh kitak tido balit time kamek call. Tukuk palak kelak.” Missing the late night calls and long conversations. Missing having someone blackmailing me to eat the sandwiches in exchange for choki choki. Missing their hugs and telling me everything would be okay. Missing them stealing my pillow hug and making a racket. I’ll miss their presence, their words, saying they would always be there. I’ll miss their smiles, the moments when we laughed and cried together.

Friendship that went way back to tadika and primary school and still going strong.

Friendship that will last in the years to come.

Patched friendship. Broken friendship.

There are things I couldn’t help with. Because their faces are already so familiar, I sometimes tend to lash out my anger and frustration at them. Because they’re always there, I forgot to appreciate them. Because smiles and laughters are around, I forgot they could cry as well. Because they’re my dearest ones, I tend to test them the hardest.
Because of those, I’m sorry. Because of those, I never held a grudge. Because of those, I find it impossible to hate. Because of all the pros, I ignore the cons. And because of that, I will always be a friend, will always be there. Because you guys are my friends, and I love you guys so.

Ok, enough with the sentimental part. Let’s get to the HARSH part.

For 4 days straight, my sleep had been disrupted by my friends. Ct, Jo (what the heck were you doing up at 6.15 am??), Edwin, Saza (do you have to missed call me up to 4 times?), Effa.
PEOPLE, tomorrow I’ll only be available after 12.30 pm okay? I want to sleeeeeeppp. Yes, I’m a hippo, I know.