Never in my life (God, I sure have a lot of never huh? Guess I haven’t lived much), have I mentioned the F word. I’m not lying. Never is the word. I never used it. When people said “wtf??”, I said, “wth??”. I guess it wouldn’t be very polite and ladylike to use the word. I always thought there were a lot of other vocabularies I could use but today, I found out there were certain cases when I would have no choice but to use the word. Like this evening. Ahah. Sometimes, you just couldn’t help it. *smiling sweetly*

Well, the ending of the day sucked. Not only did the game left me with wobbly arms and legs buttttttt…………

There’s no but. It just sucked, if you know what I mean. I’m sure some of my girlfriends do. Not gonna deny it was fun; it was fun during the first half of the game. Amoi and Saza are two people I wouldn’t wanna mess with. Sure, I sweated like hell and sure, my legs were cramped for squatting for too long (hey, I didn’t wanna get my pants dirty ok?) but it was fun. Something we would never forget for the rest of our lives. At least we got that one. A memory worth remembering.


The cursing + anger + disappointment + frustration + regrets made sure of that. So, it’s not so bad aite? 😀
I forgot one bit! Effa was EARLYYYY for the first time ever today. I’m so proud of her! If the paintball game wasn’t a good memory, hell, this one definitely was. Memorable memorable memorable.

Hmm..I just realised that some people are too dumb to live. Arrogance, my friend, is worst than pride. Boasting is worst than talking shit. I’m not stating any opinion. Bad or good, I’m nobody to judge. I’m way too busy to wait for some people to grow up and start acting more like adults. Amazingly, when I thought of it, I felt nothing. Anger turned to shock. It made me ponder. I tried and tried to find any trace of hurt. As I was saying, it’s shocking. Nope. No hurt. Only…ah, what’s the word? Disgusted? Humph, not good enough. Revolted? Nahh. Meluat. Bingo! It must be in bm to get the umph 😛 Yea, that’s it. Hatred?

*scanning my heart and mind*

Wasting my feeling only. What la. If some people think they’re too good for the community, the world, the LIFE, then…what? Complain. Pfft. That’s all they know. Embarrasing. Drop the high and mighty attitude la brader. You walked on the same streets as we did. You breathed the same air. So, um, how does that make you a higher being than us exactly? Feeling full of yourself wouldn’t help. Being proud isn’t gonna get you anywhere. To damnation maybe but if that’s what you want, well…
You have your opinions and saying but does the world care? Nope. Sorry, but try shutting up next time. That might work you know. For once, accept the fact: YOU DON’T KNOW EVERYTHING THERE IS TO KNOW. Ouch. Reality hurts doesn’t it?

Yea yea, you’re unique. EVERYONE is. Suprise suprise.

OMG. This is my so-not-formal-and-foul-and-mean post ever. It feels good, haha. Not gonna give a damn about anything. I love it when I’m being tactless ^^