Life is random. I’ve known that all my life but only now do I feel it. I never imagined any of this happening to me. Ever. At all. Not even once – you guys get my point. I always thought that if I didn’t manage to get UPU, I’d take A-levels. Over my dead body would I set foot at matriculation. Now, I’m going there. After countless of sleepless nights (I do love to exaggerate don’t I?), I made my decision. I’m going there. I’ve discussed things over with my parents; I’ve asked for opinions from my friends.

Dad + Mum: It’s your choice. Choose what’s best for you. ( I hate it when they say that. That means I’ve to make my own decision and I couldn’t blame them )
Effa: It’s a blessing in disguise.
Effa + Fara: No need to buy any long-sleeved t-shirt with collar. You don’t need those. ( I didn’t buy any *grin*)
Ct: It’s not so bad.
Lala: It’s evil.
Rina: It’s only for 8 months + 2 months of hols.
Jo + Saza: Go to Riam Tech with me!!!
Ctah: “Whyyyyyyy?”
My maid: Just stay in Miri. (ha! You only said that because no one’s gonna back you up next time!)

Last night, I thought I was insane. Even Dad got mad at me and forbided me to go there. To the extent that I asked my mum to book the flights so I couldn’t turn back. Even so, my parents had a hard time looking for available flights and a hotel to stay in since it was a last minute decision. I regretted that. Ah, as usual. I could never leave the last minute thing behind, hehe. Today, I thought it’s the sanest thing to do. I don’t know, suddenly I feel so positive. Let’s see how long that’ll last. It’s only for one year anyway. Um, but, you know, no matter how positive I try to be, there’s still one thing I’m worried about; THEY DON’T HAVE ANY WASHING MACHINE THERE. Nada. Even though I’ve exprienced that during NS, that was only for 2 months! Not one year!!! Besides, I have to study don’t I? I don’t have the time to be scrubbing in the toilet. It’s not like I know how to use a washing machine anyway. What I need, to tell you the truth, is someone to do my laundry. Like at home 😛 So much for being independent.

I wouldn’t lie, I couldn’t face staying in Miri for another year. I couldn’t face going to Russia or Japan either. The only place I could face, was UIA. If I could pay my way there, I’d definitely do that. Government forgot that one. For once, I’m thankful I’m stubborn and ego because in the last couple of days, I felt like giving up my dream. If I said I wanted to take medicine, then medicine it would be. No one can make me change my mind!!!!! No one ever tried to anyway. If I were to have only one life, then let medicine be that life. So, yeah. That’s it.