I just noticed that besides my previous post, my last 12 ones had been kindda…down.
*deep breathe*
Oh, well.
A phase of life πŸ™‚

Anyway, I’ve found another negative (see?); I absolutely detest packing. I love unpacking though. I only have to drag the laundry basket to my room, dump everything in it and ask my maid to keep my suitcase to where it belong. But packing! It’s totally totally hard work. There’s so many stuff and so little space! I need a Doraemon pocket. If only I could flick my wand and everything would fly by themselves into the suitcase readily folded. Sadly, that only happens in the Harry Potter world 😦

As messy as my room was before, it is now disastrous. It’s like walking through a maze, I kid you not. Walked and trodded on something- oh, they’re clothes I just bought but were too lazy to put away. Walked and kicked something- a bottle of shampoo. My bag of toiletries. Stationaries. You named it. It’s pretty interesting though πŸ˜€

My sister asked me when I was leaving. That was pretty weird since she normally couldn’t be bothered by that kind of thing. Then she said, “Tidy the desk before you leave.”. !!!! What’s the point of having a desk if you don’t use it I ask you?? Desks are too put stuff on. Besides, I only put important unavoidable things on it. Like my files. And the story books I’ve been planning to read or in the middle of reading. And CDs. And magazines. And papers way back from I-don’t-know when. My point is, it’s not that messy. Ok, I admit sometimes it’s difficult to find what I want, BUT I found them alright. Like just now, I wanted to find my small envelope of passport-size pictures. Since it’s small, it would be hard wouldn’t it? But no, all I had to do was lifted a file and two handkerchief-size towels and there it was! So what’s the big deal huh Miss-I’m-not-sleeping-I’m-only-lying-down-for-a-while? And… that’s her last message to me?? I could die on the plane. I could die looking for edible food there. I could even die right now, while typing these words (Ok, I’m being dramatic but they’re all possible aren’t they?), and all she could care for was about the damn red triangle desk??? Talk about HEARTLESS.

Hmm, what else is there to complain about? *evil grin*

Oh. I bought another keychain for my handphone today. Not exactly your type of CNN news, but, just telling. There’s no harm in buying another one. It might save my life or anything drastic like that one day. Who could tell that now? Besides, it’s one of the must-haves item. If I didn’t buy it, I wouldn’t be able to sleep tonight (seriously, that happened before. I wanted this one thing badly and mum refused to buy it. I couldn’t sleep and in the end dad got it for me). So that explains why I must get what I want. It totally affects my health.

I was watching the Martha Stewart show the other day and these were her tips to get healthy skin:
1. Put Johnson Johnson’s unscented baby oil on your face and use cotton pads to remove your make-up (for those who are wearing them).
2. Cleansed your face.
3. Wet a towel with hot water and steamed your face.
4. Wash your face with cold water.

4 simple steps. Um, been spending a lot of time in front of the tv nowadays while pigging out πŸ˜› Wait, they’re only ice-cream and chocs. Do you know that ice-cream contains the lowest amount of fat among all junk food? Or that it’s scientifically proven that those who take at least 1 gramme of chocolate per day live longer (It’s supposed to be dark chocolate but who cares really?) ? So it doesn’t count as pigging out. In fact, I’m eating healthily.