Have you ever felt like you didn’t want to be awaken from your sleep? I’m sure everyone knows that feeling. Either you were too tired or you had a really nice dream. Or you didn’t want to face the day ahead. There are 1001 reasons. People say sleeping is a cure. Have a bad headache? Sleep and you’ll feel better when you wake up. Flu, stress…whatever it is, sleeping is the answer. Mentally and physically. So why doesn’t it work for problems then?

You go to bed hoping your dream would wash them away. To let the peace and calmness work their magic. Ohh, it works alright- for the first few minutes after you’ve opened your eyes that is. Then like a splash of cold water, everything comes rushing back. The undone assignments, the exploded toaster, the fight with your parents. At that moment, you have 2 choices; to cover yourself back with your duvet and let the drowsiness takes you or put on those fluffy slippers and head on to the bathroom, preparing yourself for whatever’s coming. Most people choose the latter. I choose the former. Hey, I don’t have any reason to wake up now do I? I could spend all day long sleeping if I feel like doing so. What a life *roll eyes*

Excuses. Man-made excuses. We’re good at making them. We’re not good at accepting them. We have an excuse ready to match each happening. It doesn’t take a genius to think of one in a matter of 3 seconds. It’s just a matter of sounding convincing. We love creating excuses so much that we end up doing that for others as well. Don’t believe me? Here:
She told you she couldn’t come : I’m sure something really really important came up.
Then pooh, you found out she just preferred going somewhere else with someone else. Walah, we have an excuse for that one too: It’s my fault for not asking. I should have asked.
And so it continues. Yada yada yada.

Don’t get the wrong idea. That’s just an example. Nobody stood me up. So far. But well, we all do that don’t we? Especially for those we care for. Why though? Insecurity? Not wanting to be hurt? PATHETIC? Oh yeah. I like that last one. That’s what we human should start learning to accept about ourselves. We are pathetic beings. Just that sometimes we’re too engrossed in what we’re doing, we don’t realise that. I guess, we just don’t want to give up hoping. We make excuses and make ourselves believe them. We feel better. There’s no room for hurting, no room for accepting the truth. Just lies we forced ourselves to believe. Doesn’t that make us pathetic? Suprisingly, the answer’s no. No, that doesn’t make us pathetic. There. Written in a perfect full sentence. Maybe it’s just our way of dealing with things. Instead of spending the day moping around, maybe it’s better to build up false hopes. That way, we won’t have ideas about people. That way, we won’t get hurt. Happiness based on lies? Why not? ^^