” Mum, Dad, could I be 7 once again?”
A child. I want to be a child once again. To go back to that age, I want that.
I want to be able to say and do things without being judged.
I want to feel genuinely happy without any pain.
I want to be able to cry without feeling ashamed.
The comfort and safety of childhood. Nothing can beat that.
Frilly dresses with matching shoes and lacy socks. Ugh.
Meals and times spend together.
Oh yea.
Dear Hani,
Happy 7th birthday!
Her card! Shoot. I knew I’d forgotten something.
Done. Written, filled, drawn. Bleh.
Sorry love. Your cake pictures didn’t make my blog because it had PPG cartoon all over it =P Maybe next year k?
I know. I’m such a nice sister. Lol.