A heart-shape balloon caught in the stream of sunlight. It sat there on the tiles by itself, all alone. Glowed in the darkness. It was so beautiful I couldn’t resist snapping a picture xD
And while I stood there, just watching, I realised no matter how nasty I found life was- if I could make an effort to pause for a while and observed, I might notice these things. Little, bits of things that I would normally walk by without a second glance. Amazing things that could score a person’s day =)
I was about to write a post on how stupid I’ve been lately. How everything sucked. How my life was like waves in the sea, when this question strucked me;
Since when am I such a quitter?
What happened to the person who’s heavenly =P stubborn?
What happened to the girl who would never give up until she got what she wanted?
What happened to the hard-headed ass who was willing to argue long into the night just to get her points across?
And…I realised I didn’t know. What happened to me? So I’ve been feeling tired nowadays. So life has been a rollercoaster. So things are pretty low at the moment. So what?
I need to knock some sense into myself.
Why do people say things they don’t mean?
Why do people make others believe things are permanent when they intend it to be temporary?
Haha. The WH questions. I might as well cover them all, lol. Who, when, how. Sheesh.