I’ve finally come to my SENSES.

To Effa, thanks for the lecture. Miss Blog? Erks, watergirl. Lol.
To Terence, thanks for the words of encouragement.
To Lala and Fara, thanks for analysing.
To Ct and Jo, thanks for your guys’ concern.
To those who did so, thanks for doing those.
People so know when to make me lose my appetite. Since I’m already chubby =)

Because if it weren’t for you guys,

I won’t be eating right now xD

Yesterday’s breakfast + lunch + tea + dinner all compressed into an instant paratha (which I made myself proudly because my maid’s asleep, hehe).

I’ve experienced my share of pain. Hurt. Whatever you want to call it. Those shits 😛 But, you know? At least it came with an ending. Not a proper one. But an ending nevertheless.

Ugly memories turned beautiful.
Hurtful words are appreciated.
Attitudes are forgiven.
I learned to forgive.

Yes, I walk slowly now. Step by step. Path by path. One foot at a time. Because I’m afraid of falling and tripping. Again. But like someone told me before, if you fall, you get up. Bruised and scarred from the past, but nonetheless, ready to brave your life once again. That’s what I’m doing. I’m trying to get up. I’m trying to learn to take risks. I’m trying to learn not to be afraid.
I’m learning the early lessons of life. Look right ahead. Glance to my left and right. To the trees. To my clouds. To Mr. Sun. Kicking the twigs along the way. And not another glance spare to the past.

I just want to be myself again =)