Yesterday was fun fun fun. And erks, weird. Just a bit of that though.


Went to Lala’s house at 10.00 am. Arrived there at 10.11 am actually. That’s because I knew the others would be late AS USUAL. Guess what? I was the first one there! I so know my friends, haha. Then me and Lala went to Boulevard to buy some stuff for our Laksa Sarawak. No fresh coconut milk. But she bought the instant one just in case. Went to another shop. No fresh coconut milk. It’s as if Miri had run out of it. Bluekkk. So we went back to her house. And get this, still no sign of Effa and Fara. Hmm hmm hmm. We decided to start preparing the dish without them. Nearing 12 pm, the princessess arrived, lol. Trust Effa to ask me to come at 10 am. But even after 1 and a half hour, lunch still wasn’t ready. So we did this, did that. Laughed, made dumb jokes, teased Effa (oh yeah) and of course, prepared lunch. At last at 1.30 PM, lunch was ready. And that’s with the four of us in the kitchen…

We ate ate ate while complaining how hot the paste was. I drank 2 glasses of water and still my laksa wouldn’t finish. Effa’s nose got red. Everyone was sniffing and had to get tissue. Except for Lala. She didn’t even touch her drink. So not fair! Then we had desert. This milk + jelly pudding which Effa didn’t like- the dairy hater- but which me and Fara adored. FYI, we made the desert as well. Um, you know, there was some spilling and stuff..ok,that’s me. Lala did fine. Hoho. After lunch, to which Effa and Fara claimed they had 1 and a half bowl of laksa, not TWO, we just sort of sat there, stuffed and bloated like pythons, listening to Lala’s mum about her trip to Crocodile Farm that morning, which according to her was a nightmare. The snakes. Lol. Then Lala’s sister asked us whether we wanted to join them to PC Fair. We agreed. We went by Effa’s car, but with Lala as the driver. Welcome to the amateur world. The first 2 minutes was bumpy and we ended up laughing in the car. Going to Fara’s house first since she wanted to change, “I never wore a skirt in public before!” ๐Ÿ˜› And of course, we passed by my house and I went, “Oooh, my house!”. Because I was really missing it having stayed at Gran’s place for 4 days. Then Fara had to make this suggestion which made Lala parked in front of another person’s house so we could think about it. This suggestion of hers? “Nisa, why don’t you use your house’s toilet while they drop me at my house. After I’ve changed, we’ll pick you up,” I was, GET OUT. I could hold it. I wouldn’t die because of that. SHEESH. But Fara was totally adamant about it. Being a doctor’s daughter, she went into a full lecture about how it’s not good bla bla bla. The others totally agreed and Lala reversed and send me home so I could pee. See how funny that sounded girlfriends? Because I refused to use the toilet at Lala’s house since they’re no slippers to use in the toilet and Fara wasn’t sure whether her house’s got them. Slippers I mean. Lol. After that, they picked me up and we went to Indoor Stadium where the event was held. It was packed! Totally packed! We couldn’t walk a few steps without bumping into someone we knew. I think we greeted people more than we browsed around.
Scoop of the day:
We met the MIAA (according to Effa. Where did you get that girl?) guy way back from primary school. He’s the MIAA guy because he’s ultimately missing in action. Like no one knew anything about him. At all. After a while we greeted him (because nobody dared to) and had an awkward conversation. I blame you Lala =)
Fara was waiting for her batteries- that’s the real reason she wanted to go there in the first place. Because she wanted to pick up her batteries since she bought the digi camera the day before- and the salesman said they’re on their way. After that we just sort of milled around. Lala went back with her family but we stayed. The batteries. Then we saw a couple of chairs at the side and we decided to sit because there’s just so many people. We sat. We talked. And talked. And talked. Then Effa said, “Why are we talking about these stuff in public?? We should find a cafe or something,”. So we picked up Fara’s batteries and went to Desserts and ordered and talked a lot more.

” Ey, I’m gonna take your guys’ picture. Candid,” Right, candid. But she told us. We were talking anyway so we ignored her. So yea, so-called candid.

Greedy Effa. That’s the whole point of taking that picture. It was intended to be that way, lol. Still, love her anyway.

After that we send Fara home because it’s almost 6 pm already. Then we went to my gran’s house. Where I packed my stuff. Where Effa took pictures of my pillow hug. She is so dead. Even though I totally owe her one. Then she send me home. Another day had ended =)