Quiet and still. Just the way I like it xD

Don’t feel like sleeping yet. So here I am. Typing away. If I could find something to type. I don’t know, haha. Still chatting though. With my + sot sot + friend who’s still awake. Everyone else’s already sleeping cozily on their bed. Maybe. Who knows. Who cares.

Anyways, the plan to go to school today was cancelled. Since Ct’s going to Bintulu and Asy may go to Kuching the next day. So without them both, there’ll only be the 3 of us. I would say we’re not brave enough to face the teachers. I know I’m not. I still don’t dare to face Mdm. Chai up to this day because of my 2A. Yep. I promised her an 1A. So..yeah. You get the picture ^^ There’s still next week though. Kolej won’t go anywhere. It’s been there for 50 years! God knows it wouldn’t move. Haha. That is if there won’t be another landslide. Or if the buildings won’t crumbled before they could rebuild them. Lol. But still, I love that place.

I was planning to watch 1 Litre of Tears again tonight. Wanted to finish episode 9 to 11. But then I decided I didn’t need to bawl my eyes out late at night. Or early in the morning. I so have to thanks Terey for introducing it to me, hehe. I mean, it’s the only series I could stand watching. Without forwarding. Or skipping scenes. I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned that to him 😛

Well, I was never good at complimenting and apologising. Or accepting those. The other day, I made muffins. And yesh, they looked and tasted like muffins – especially for those who doubt my baking skills. Not that I’ve many. And yes Terey. Your name is on top of the list – So Dad ate one of them and I happened to poke my head out of my bedroom at that time. Okay, that was a lie. Forgive me. I did that on purpose since I wanted to know what he thought of my muffins. When he saw me, he said, ” Your cake tasted nice.” Then I looked at him pointedly and replied, ” Dad. They’re muffins.” He looked confused, ” What? “. So I repeated, ” They’re muffins.”. Then he said, ” Oh, your muffin was great. You should make them again,”. I just stared at him, withdrew my head and shut the door. Unbelievable! Lol.

WHY ARE THE CLOCK’S HANDS MOVING SO SLOWLY? The last time I checked, it was 2.40 am. Now it’s only 3.06 am. 26 minutes! That’s how long I’ve spend on babbling! Well, not exactly the clock. It’s a digital one. And it doesn’t have any hand right? Just wanted to sound dramatic. Hehe. For some reason, I’ve a problem at reading the clock. I mean, I know how to but I’m impossibly slow at reading them. When people asked me what time it was, I just shoved my watch under their noses. Wouldn’t want them to get the time wrong would we? Haha. I bought the analogue one because, you know, the digital one would look childish. And I was in no mood to be labelled that. What the heck, my friends still knew I was bad at reading it. Now the watch belongs in it’s original place- in it’s case. School’s over. No point in wearing it. I hate wearing it anyway. Dusty and all, tata.

I was thinking, you know, to do something stupid tonight. I’m always doing that nowadays. Played in the rain in the afternoon. There was nothing else to do anyway. Just thinking of going outside now. Wandering around in the dark. Or just sit in the middle of the road or something. Not like there’ll be any car at this time. But, urm, I’m scared. Haha! I don’t have enough courage to do that. Maybe someday I’ll wake Ct up and ask her to join me in the middle of the night. Besides, two is better than one right?