For days I’ve been signing in and out of my blog, not knowing what to write. But now I’ll just type and see where this will lead to. I guess I’ve been feeling pretty empty nowadays.
What is there to smile at?
What is there to be enthusiastic about?
What is there to be sighed of?
Haha. So there you go. My life. Summed up in 3 simple questions. Everyone loves simplicity =) Isn’t that what people usually say nowadays? The i-am-simple phrase. I don’t know if that’s really true or they’re just being modest. But hey? Nobody’s simple. You might like simple things, might lead a simple life, but in reality, you’re not simple. I think I am, but heck, none of my friends would agree to that. In truth, I know I’m not. Just because I think bread and buns are humans’ hugest achievement and whatever beyond simplicity is just downright annoying, I am far from simple. Complicated, yeah. That sometimes I don’t quite get myself. But I sure do know how to complicate things 😉

The one time that I would really analyse life is when I’m with my gran. It makes me wonder and question everything. It’s not “How will I be in the next 60 years?”. It’s more to “How do I want to be in the next 60 years?” I want to be plump and cheerful. Like a mother hen. Haha. But obviously, 60 years is a long time. Sadly, I might not live up to that age. I’m dying of boredom already. Just that, she’s old. And she might not live long enough to see me succeed in life. And when that time comes, I wouldn’t know how deal with it. She’s been there since the day I was born. She was the one who raised me because dad wasn’t there. Maybe that’s why I’m a spoilt brat, lol. And I love her to bits because like everyone else’s granny, she makes a big deal out of my achievements and brags me to her friends and always sides with me whenever I have an argument with my siblings or parents. So they know not to find any fault with me whenever gran’s around 😛