I woke up today, feeling entirely different. As if i’ve discovered a part of me that i never knew about. And i’m not sure. Hatred? Love? Forlorn? Maybe all.

The man always thought that farewells are always harsh. They’re always harsh and sad. If he never encountered anyone then he wouldn’t suffer so much. If he hadn’t met her..if it makes him sad then why should he want to meet anyone? So….But if they hadn’t met, he would never have had such happy times. Eventually, the man started going out into town again. He learned not to be afraid of farewells, to meet people, to not be afraid of misunderstandings, and to get to know others.There may be harsh farewells like the harshness of winter, but one day…he can meet someone again. Someday, he can meet a person as warm as the spring sunlight.

Mahoraba Heartful Days

And for anyone who’s ever had that connection with someone, even if it only lasted for five minutes, it’s important. For once, I didn’t feel that I was living in an entirely different world from everyone else, but that in fact there was a person, a person I liked and respected, who had a piece of my heart, who felt the same way.

If You Could See Me Now