It has been raining for these past few days.

And as i watched the rain poured, i was reminded by school. To tell you the truth,
only time i’d enjoyed the rain was during school. For some reason. That’s the only place where i could actually feel it. Maybe because classes were so boring. Or when it rained, the teachers usually got distracted as well. And there were the chances we wouldn’t be able to hear what they’re teaching, haha. So yeah, rain added a bit of excitement to our school lives. Sitting at the very back near the door, the wind was usually strong. I was always reluctant when the teachers asked us to shut the doors and windows when the rain became too heavy. To feel the rain spraying on my face and the wind gushing on my cheeks, it made me feel free. I used to watch the teachers’ peach-painted flats as it rained. The harder the rain got, the more blurrish the vision of the flats became. Until they’re gone, replaced by the heavy downpour. I thought that if the rain had stayed light, it’d create a beautiful scenery. After all, isn’t everything extra beautiful under the drizzle of the rain? Like watching everything in their true nature. Then there were the girls. I couldn’t help but smile when i saw them clamped their hands over their ears and started shrieking when the sound of the thunder was heard. It was funny. I mean, come on. We’re under a roof surrounded by four walls. I’d say the chances of being strucked down by lightnings were nearing nil.

Then there was that day during NS. 24th February 2007. I remember because i wrote the whole thing in my diary 😛 It was in the afternoon. Sports were starting at 4.30 pm, so all of us headed to the canteen. But it was raining cats and dogs.Really really heavy. The type of rain where you had to shout to talk to the person sitting next to you. So the sports were cancelled (yay!) and we had to sit there, doing nothing. I sat cozily on the bench-as far as a bench could be cozy-while reading my book and messaging with Terey. My friend nudged me, it was Pija i think. I turned around and saw the teacher making a number 7 with her fingers. She was signalling the occupants of P7A. My friends rushed to the front. I took my time since i DIDN’T enjoy my reading to be disturbed. By the time i reached there, my friends were already running towards the girls’ dorm. Rain and all. I was blur. So i asked Juliza what’s going on. She answered me by saying,“Our room’s flooded!”. I did a split thinking, put my book on the teacher’s table for fear of it being wet and sprinted to my room. Despite starting late, i was the second one to reach the room. We all stood in front of the door. Then we opened it, expecting the water to rush out…………
just to find out everything’s the same as they were when left them earlier. Our beds, our shoes, our lockers. Since i’ve never experienced a flood before, Miri being floodless in my entire life, I was like, “Ok. What am i suppose to do?”. Then my friend told me to fold my matress and put all my stuff on the bed or on top of my locker just in case. And so i did. Turned out, the only part that was flooded was the back part. As in nowhere in the room. My roommates took turn sweeping the water using brooms and a dustpan. Seriously. Some of them added in the fun by playing in the rain. I didn’t for fear of catching a fever. I’ve been sick 3 times in a month already. People kept passing by with their umbrellas to see ‘the flooded room’. As if that’s exciting. And that’s how the story of the so-called flood ended 🙂