It’s raining. Which means i couldn’t give my rabbits a bath. There’s nothing wrong with rain though. Just that i don’t like wet + damp + dark. I’m the kind of person who switches on the lights even when it’s NOT dark. That’s why I don’t like eating in the dining room- my room’s streaming with sunshine. Lol.
So what did I do today?
Let’s see, woke up at 11 am 😛 I was shocked as well! I woke up expecting the clock to show 9 am, or the latest, 10 am. I mean, the
latest I’d woke up in NS was 8 am. But then, back then there were a lot of chores that’s needed to be done. Now? Er..does fetching the plate from the kitchen count?
Then i spend half of the afternoon watching a korean + japanese movie titled Blue Swallow. It was kindda nice actually. Not your usual classic storyline. The time setting was 1910. It’s about a women who succeeded in being the first civilian female korean pilot. At that time, Korea was still under Japan. So now you get why it’s a korean japanese movie. Pity it had a sad ending though. Well, we can’t all achieve our happy ending can we?
After that I helped my maid cooked some veggie. I mean, it was easy. All I had to do was
threw the bean curds in the wok. Not exactly threw, but that’s what it felt like. Haha. Added some oil, oyster sauce and water. Then stirred the whole thing for about 2 minutes. And walah! There’s your veggie. Not going to eat it though .Not because it doesn’t taste nice but because I’m so not a veggie person. That’s one of the dishes i could actually remember from the coaching Rina gave me during the sleepover at her house. That was only 2 and a half months ago, but it felt so long. Thanks NS. Then i cut carrots into little dices for my rabbits and washed some dishes. You know, out of boredom. Speaking about my rabbits, they’re a month old today! I’ve never exactly mentioned them before have i? They’re so small. And cute and furry and- hm. The list will never end 😛 But the fact that they’re still alive to this day is more of a celebration itself. I’d have posted their picture online if only they’d stay put long enough for me to take a snap of them.Really, babies can be so troublesome.