It’s weird. Sitting here and yet something feels not quite right. It’s like when you look at the sky, the stars and the moon are all there but you know something’s missing. Bullshit? Definitely.
It seems hard to accept the fact that I’m growing up. Moving to a different phase of life. It feels
like form 1, walking into the class with Rina. Then it’s form 2, which I hated. Came form 3, celebrating straight As with Jo, Rina and Edwin. Form 4. And lastly, form 5. And I didn’t walk out of Kolej with them, my friends. As I used to in form 3. Edwin was saying the other day that he was happier during form 3 because back then all his friends got excellent results. There’s a lot of truth in that. Now it seems all different. We’re different.
This is one of the nights when I don’t feel like going to sleep. It reminds me of last year, where I’d stayed up all night just to finish Add Math course work. It was a waste though because I ended up getting it from a friend and the editing + printing took less than an hour. But maybe because of that I got only kepujian for it. Yeaaa..that’s what stated on the certificate. Like i care.