8 ounce of butter
275 g of cornflake
200 g of cornflour
Half a glass of sugar
1 chicken egg

Oh, what the hell. I couldn’t remember them all. Not that I want to. So today I woke up at 8 am. Because the alarm rang 😛 Then spend the morning writing in my diary. Until around 10.30 am. After that I baked since everyone in my room promised to bring homemade stuff after cny hols *roll eyes* what’s wrong with stuff from supermarket? I bet they
taste better. Haha.
Okay, so let me tell you how to make those:
Pour everything in a bowl and just mixed them and put them in the oven to baked.
Sounds easy enough? That’s the short version.
The long one? Here goes:
I sat in front of my mum’s cupboard, just staring at all her recipe books. She has like 10 million of them, sheesh. So I just
grabbed the nearest one and browsed through it. Until I found the cornflake biscuit which looked easy enough.The recipe was short so I thought it wouldn’t take long. Went to the kitchen and started racking through stuff. I was looking for cornflour. Took one jar, and put it down. Took another one, and put it down again. Then my maid walked in.
“What are you looking for?”
“Isn’t that ‘tepung jagung’?”
“I know. But how does it look like?”
Then she opened the cupboard
next to me and handed me a small box. Oh.
Everything else went fine until the mixer part. FYI, ‘fine’ includes
spilling sugar and butter on the table and floor. But NOTHING broke.Ha!
Where was I? Aha, the mixer. I had
no idea how to use it. I mean, sure, I’ve seen my mum used it a lot of times before but I’ve never used it myself. And so my maid came to the rescue once again. Then I grumbled because the butter was hard as rock. How was I supposed to mix it? Then my sister went to check on me.
“You didn’t defrost the butter beforehand?”
“No. Was I supposed to?”
“How dumb can you be?”
Those biscuits took me until 12.30 pm. At least they turned out
okay. They tasted kindda nice actually 😛 3rd attempt of baking, SUCCEEDED.