I’m home ūüôā
For another 5 days that is. But then, even 2 hours away from national service is SATISFYING enough.
Have i changed so far? Haha. Hell yea ūüėõ But maybe that’s for the
I know how to wash my own clothes now.And somehow, i
enjoy scrubbing. No idea why. But my hands would ache after that.¬†Most¬†of¬†them¬†complained¬†about¬†having¬†to¬†wash¬†their¬†clothes¬†by¬†hand.¬†I¬†didn’t.¬†Because¬†i¬†don’t
even know
how to use the washing machine! I know how to fold my clothes, thanks to my friends who gave me a 5-minute course on that on the¬†second day. See how fast i’d mastered the techniques? Ok, so maybe my foldings aren’t that nice….
As i’d predicted before joining ns, time
FLEW by. 2 weeks. That’s all that’s left. 2 weeks of baking under the hot sun.Seriously,¬†mirror¬†is¬†my¬†biggest¬†enemy¬†now¬†ūüėõ¬†Ns is a mixture of FUN and BOREDOM.It’s like, even if we enjoy it, we’d still rather go home.¬†For¬†me,the¬†hardest¬†part¬†is missing. Maybe it is for everyone else as well. Missing school, missing home, missing friends. And missing out on things. This weekend, my friends are still in Miri. The next, they’re already off to somewhere.And the bad part? I’m ¬†stuck in ns. Though i know my turn will come, it’s still hard not to feel a pang. But whatever.
UPDATES on my experience so far?
M-16. Got 0 mark on that. I won’t blame the heavy rain though.I’ll save that for my muddy boots.Maybe¬†Kalus¬†is¬†right.¬†I¬†
hard because there’re 10 targets and they didn’t bother to label it with numbers.Duhhh. And the ground was wet.
Rafting was fun.We were
leading at first.But somehow, we got stucked in the middle of the pond. For like 10 minutes. Kept going left and then right..then left again.Right into the guys’ track. I bet we looked funny.But who cares. We had fun and that’s what matters.
Then there’s jungle trekking.It was slippery.If it hadn’t been for my friends, i’d have
rolled down the hill ūüėõ tripped for like 100 times.Sheesh.They showed us various camps.Like a one-day camp and so on. The one-week camp’s so nice! It’s like a mini hut. I don’t mine having it in the backyard.The return journey was¬†damn embarrasing.Because we had to go through the guy’s dorm in order to go back.It was more like walking through a zoo. I didn’t know humans could be so SIMILAR to monkeys.
Navigation was walking through bushes. It started from 4 pm and ended at 10 pm. They gave us the bearings and we had to find our way to the checkpoints.The day journey was
easy. Very easy in fact. It was cloudy,the ground’s dry and we rested plenty.Everyone boasted saying it’s too easy..bla bla bla.The night journey was the exact opposite.It was raining, very dark..and they didn’t let us rest even¬†for a while. We walked through knee-length puddles.I couldn’t tell the difference between¬†the¬†dry¬†and¬†wet¬†grounds since my boots¬†were¬† full of water,i could breed fish in them.And the bushes were 7 feet tall.Oh yea, our one full bag of food was left untouched. Carrying the bag around was a waste of energy!
like marching. Before i joined ns, the 
last time i marched was in form 2. 
Where i’d complained to Rina my legs felt like they’re going to fall off. Since then i’d
stayed away from marching. But in ns, you don’t¬†really have any choice.Just that i sweat a lot during marching, i need 3 packets of tissue ūüėõ and¬†oh, i¬†was¬†selected¬†to¬†compete¬†in the marching competition which i think will be held after cny.10 packets of tissue!
Kembara halangan….erks. I’m
so not going to enter the competition.I barely got through the monkey bars¬†the¬†other¬†day and i’d fallen in the water for the tarzan thingy
TWICE already! I don’t mind falling¬†or¬†getting¬†wet.But¬†i¬†DO¬†mind¬†washing¬†my¬†boots ūüôā Guess the lazy me is still the same.
Community service, our group of 88 people went to Taman Seri Puteri last Wednesday.The others went to ATM or Pejabat Pelajaran or the village which i don’t know where.I have to admit, i was
nervous at first. But hey, there’re normal people. If I happen to bump into them in Parkson or wherever, i wouldn’t be able to guess from their looks.And they’re nice. Gotong-royong in the morning. I think that was the first time i’d really swept the floor. We arrived at the camp at 5 pm.The dorm was so¬†quiet¬†that¬†we¬†thought¬†the¬†others¬†weren’t¬†back¬†yet…just¬†to¬†find¬†out most of them were soundly asleep on their beds! Most of them arrived at 1 pm! So not fair!!!